Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes, 'I Hope That I'm Wrong'. Oh my stars, that is how you make a song.

Leaving all over again #30000feet #BHQ #whitecliffsnsw

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I'm sneaking out of hiatus to lend a voice to this event at White Cliffs NSW on March 3. If you can't be there, but wish you could, I'm sure the family would appreciate your support on the fundraiser page. Being sick is expensive, and this case, life-changing for all concerned.

Sheddo did a good job. We notice the good ones. ...much later...

Place of learning, til 1950. Marling WA

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It occurs to me today, that rather than (publicly) mourn the loss of an artist who sound tracked your life, perhaps one could thank a living artist who was that for you. I’ll have to thank Alanis, and Wynonna, and Genni Kane, and Shanley Del for starters.

Misty summer sunrise. Scenic Rim

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